Top Ten Preachers of All Time

My top ten favorite preachers of all time, in no particular order are: James S. Stewart Charles Spurgeon Fred Craddock William Sangster Clovis Chappell Chuck Swindoll George Morrison John Stott Stuart Briscoe Haddon Robinson

Mike Shannon’s Top Ten books on Preaching

10)   The Homiletical Plot by Eugene Lowrry
 9)     Preaching and Teaching with Imagination by Warren Wiersbe 8)     The Craft of Sermon Construction by William Sangster
 7)     A Primer for Preachers by Ian Pitt-Watson 6)     Preaching:  The Art of Narrative Exposition by Calvin Miller
 5)     Handbook of Contemporary Preaching edited by Michael Duduit
 4)     Between Two [...]